Road Trip Tips

Dear Readers,

Traveling as a couple is definitely not always the easiest, especially when you are on the road for hours, but that’s why we are here to help you with some tips and tricks so that you can have a blast together.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is important and this is an area where we have difficulty. We often take such spontaneous road trips that end up with us not having a good travel route and forgetting things. That’s when we start to get irritated, not at each other, but at the fact that we are wasting so much time.

We would not recommend planning stops because we never know when we have to use the restroom or what timetable our tummies are on. We are no Sheldon Cooper. If you plan the rest stops ahead, you will anticipate them and might get antsy. Since one should plan all the big stops (where to spend the night etc.) the food and bathroom schedule should stay open.

With planning ahead you should be able to have a much smoother ride.

Snacks & Games

It is always smart to have a couple of simple snacks and plenty of water in the car. Staying hydrated especially in the summer is very important. Putting two hangry and dehydrated people in a confined space for more than 30 minutes is just not the best idea. On our last road trip we packed some cherries, chocolate chip cookies, chewy bars and water.

The two of us really enjoy playing these three games:

  • 20 Questions
  • Name that song
  • I spy


Personal Time

If you are going to be in the car for quite a few hours or even days it is okay if you need some personal time. The passenger might want to catch up on sleep, listen to music or just enjoy the scenery. There is no need to talk non stop for hours and each person in the car should have the chance for some “personal time”.


The right music can really change the mood of a road trip. The choice of songs might be so right that you feel like you’re in a music video. The wrong music might have the opposite effects. Our thing is to either create a good playlist before leaving (Richard has a great taste in music and loves creating playlists) or because sometimes we spontaneously drive somewhere we take turns picking songs. This works really well because we each get to listen to something we like and it’s fair. Also playlists that already exist are easy to use and have a good choice of songs except on Apple Music. We really are not big fans of their playlists, so we recommend using Spotify.

Take a road trip, make it fun and connect. It’s not everyday that you can have a meaningful conversation with your partner without annoying buzzing cell phones and work stress, so cherish every moment that you get together.


Fun Fact: 76% of U.S. vacationers travel by car. 

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