Happy Birthday Avni!

Dear readers,

Yesterday morning, Avnis 22nd birthday, I started the day with a wonderful run in the local park called Law Garden. Even though it is very hot and dry here in India at the moment the park is very green and nicely planted. To reach the park I took a rikshaw which costs for a 5-10 minute ride about 50 rupees which is about 50 cents. That’s so amazingly cheap! Even cheaper than in Thailand where the so-called Tucs-Tucs used to cost about 2 dollars (100 baht) for a 5 minute drive. 

As it was Avnis birthday yesterday, we decided to celebrate this occasion by getting her a new sari in the morning and in the afternoon we had a traditional puja.

For sari shopping we went to two wonderful shops: one called seasons and the other one Shamalya Bhumika is comparable to a high fashion design store like Dior. Also the prices! You can get saris in general (like dresses) in every price range. Some of the saris there cost several thousand dollars and are beautifully handcrafted with a lot of braided details. Really an amazing store! Eventough the saris at those stores are more elegant and higher in quality the experience is a whole different one. So if you plan on getting a sari in India, visit stores like Aso Palav or Roopkala first. There you get a real show for your money too 😉

In the afternoon a priest came to our house to perform a traditional puja. A puja is a kind of prayer to thank god if you accomplished something. We did it for Avnis birthday and for all the wonderful events that happened in 2016. 

In the puja the priest tells you 4 old stories about people in different social classes that life changed with fulfilling the prayer of the puja. Furthermore he was taking about life and how to be a good person. 

Even though everything the priest told us was in Gujarati, which only Avni understands, it was still a very interesting experience. At the end of the  puja even the servants and some relatives came to receive a blessing by the 95-year old priest which was a nice thing to be part of. 

After the puja we had dinner at home and enjoyed our evening with the relatives that came over to visit. Today we’re going to be at home, packing our suitcases for our next adventure: New Dehli and Agra! Stay tuned for more 🙂

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Avni!

  1. It’s unusually warm in Gujarat at this time of the year but it’s still a lot of fun. Please stay there an extra week ( if you can) to experience Jan 14, kite flying festival! Happy birthday 🎂

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