Exploring Ahmedabad

Dear readers,

On our second day here in Ahmedabad we started the day with the ‘Hertitage Walk’ to see the old town. Even though the tour itself wasn’t that interesting, the places we visited were. We wandered around for about 2h and really got a good impression of the daily life here. We also visited some temples and a mosque which was quit interesting to see. If you ever plan on doing the ‘Heritage Walk’ take a Rickshaw to get to the Swaminarayan Temple (which is the place where it starts) because the streets in the old town are so small a regular car can’t fit!

After the walk we visited a beautiful old market where you can get all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We even strolled through a very old market hall where Avnis great-grandmother used to buy her groceries.

After the market we had lunch at home and afterwards Avni and I went to a Bangel Shop called Smruti to get matching ones for the sari we bought. Bangels are Indian bracelets and you basically mix and match gold or silver and the color of your sari. Smruti has all kinds of bangels and is a great place to go for every budget. 

In the evening we went to Avni’s relatives here in Ahmedabad which live a little outside of the city in a very lovely housing area. We watched an Indian movie called ‘The Three Idiots’ together and spent a nice evening there. Even tough the story of the movies was quite good the songs weren’t as good as in the older movies. If you want to see a really good Indian movie watch ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ starring some of the most famous Indian actors. 

Find out tomorrow what our activities today were and what a traditional puja is!

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