Here, There, Everywhere

Dear Readers,

Yesterday was such a busy day and we did so much that we didn’t have time to post anything. Sorry about that. Since we experienced so much we want to tell you all about the activities and things we did and saw. 

First of all we went to sleep quite late since we were up talking until 2:30 a.m., so we knew we would be a bit tired. We woke up around 8 o’clock and had breakfast at home that consisted of Indian tea “cha” and grilled cheeses. 

After breakfast our driver picked us up to go to the Gandhi Ashram which is a very important place to see here in Ahmedabad. Gandhi comes from Gujurat and he started the Dandi Walk (Salt march) from the Ashram (a peaceful place for meditation). It was very interesting and definitely worth visiting but we can recommend to read something about his life or see the movie ‘Gandhi’ first before you come to the Ashram. 

While we were walking around the Ashram a large school group of about 50 children were there as well. When they saw Richard their faces brightened up and everybody wanted to shake our hands. This was our highlight of the day. The children were so sweet and excited to see a person that has such fair skin and we couldn’t stop smiling. 

After the Gandhi Ashram we went to a colorful fabric store. You could buy the most different fabrics in different colors and patterns. We picked a couple of fun colors so that we could get some comfortable Pyjama pants made at a tailor shop. 

The fabric store isn’t far from home so then our driver took us home where delicious lunch made by our cook was already waiting for us. We had my favorite dishes and Richard loved all of the food. He even likes eating spicier dishes than me! 

After lunch we went to a sari shop where you can buy beautiful Indian outfits. We looked at about 30 saris but couldn’t find the perfect one to bring home for Richard’s mother as a present so we went across the street to the next store. There after looking at about another 40 saris we decided on a vibrant, sparkly and fun sari. Shopping at a sari store is an experience in itself! The men that work there pull out the saris and open the five meter fabrics across the tables and keep showing you all the possible ones until you are finally satisfied. Anyone who is in India should go shopping to see how different it is from shopping in Western countries. 

After getting the sari we went to the tailors so that he could take our measurements for the Pyjama pants. Then we went home to quickly get ready for the evening. 

Our driver picked Richard, my mother and me up from our home and took us to my dance school, “Nrityabharti”. I used to take dance lessons at this dance school for many years and I even received my classical dance diploma there. The dance style that the gurus teach is called Bharatnatyam. The dance teacher I had was the son of my mother’s dance teacher. My mother learned Bharatnatyam at the same school from the same family. I wanted Richard to see where I had spent many weeks in my summers in India. We watched one of the evening classes and the girls danced well and did a great job for us! 

After that we spent the evening at some relatives’ house which was very pleasant. It was only 9:30 p.m. and we were so tired, so we left early to go to bed. 

Yesterday’s day was for Richard very stimulating and a whole new experience and for me familiar and busy. 

Fun Fact: The sari can be draped in hundreds of different ways – as many as your imagination can manifest. 

R & A


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