Stop and go

Dear readers,

Yesterday we really had an exhausting but amusing day travelling. We woke up at 4 in the morning to get ready and go to Manado airport where we were starting our trip to Jakarta, then Singapore and finally Ahmedabad. 

As soon as we went through security check I immediately recognized a ‘Polo by Ralph Lauren’ store with 60% discount on all articles. I got a little confused because I’ve never seen discounts on Ralph Lauren like that before and the tags looked weird. I looked around and found nothing I liked so we left to Jakarta. 

At Jakarta airport I, Richard, did some research and found out, Indonesia has got it’s own ‘Polo by Ralph Lauren’ or just ‘Polo’ because it’s not in any way related to Ralph Lauren because they don’t operate in Indonesia. Ralph Lauren tried to sue the fake ‘Polo’ Brand and they actually lost! So they decided not to run stores in this country. 

For that reason you can get Indonesian ‘Polo’ EVERYWHERE for very cheap prices. In Jakarta airport they operate about 5 stores! The logos are the same, the colors and cuts are the same. But we recommend you to stay away from fake ‘Polo’ because you never know if you will be having trouble bring it to your home country!

After Jakarta, we landed in my favorite airport. Singapore Changi Airport. They have amazing shops for all tastes and price ranges, restaurants and it’s very modern and you can change terminals easily and very fast via Skytrain. 

But most important: they have Sushi Burritos. Last year in summer we had a lay-over at Changi Airport and we dicoverd by chance this awesome place for ‘Sushirritos’ in terminal 1. As the name indicates it’s a fusion of Sushi – our most favorite food – and Burritos. 

You can get different styles and tastes. They even have chicken ones. It’s really tasty and only about 6 S$ / 5 US$ for half a roll. If you ever have time go check this awesome place out and tell us what you think! We even had Sushi Burritos in San Francisco this year in April but they were in no comparison to that ones in Changi Airport! They chain also operates in Indonesia, so keep your eyes open if you are hungry for new experiences. 🙂

Final stop of the day: AMD -Ahmedabad

After we landed a really nice driver picked us up and brought us to our home for the next couple days. Other than the traffic here is really really messy, I haven’t seen anything of this interesting and historical city. Today we’re gonna visit the place Gandhi lived and much more! 

Stay tuned and come back tonight for our new blogpost if you want to read about Gandhi’s second pair of glasses which I’m about to see! 😉

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