Bye Bye Gangga Island

Dear Readers,

Today we ended our wonderful vacation on Gangga Island with a relaxing massage treatment at the Spa. Feeling fresh and relaxed we took the boat back to the main island, Manado, where we were picked up by our driver Rudi. The streets in manado are very small and chaotic and if you’re not a local we really cannot recommend you to drive there! The chances to have an accident or run over a chicken are pretty high!

After a one hour drive Rudi delivered us to Manado Novotel where we are staying just for one night because our flight is leaving at 6 a.m. I, Richard, finished successfully my first workout of the year at the gym here and now we are relaxing and going through all the wonderful underwater pictures we made in the past couple days. Stay tuned for more of them!

Tomorrow morning our next flight is going to take us back to Jakarta with Garuda Airlines, afterwards to Singapore and finally to AMD – Ahmedabad Airport, India. 

We really can’t wait to spend time at Singapore airport tomorrow. We had the best Sushirritos ever at a small stall in the airport! If you have no idea what a Sushirrito is or looks like, look out for tomorrow’s blog post!

R & A

Fun fact: Garuda was voted as the world’s most improved airline


Fun fact source:

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