Dive into Happiness 

Dear Readers,

Quickly: sorry for not posting anything yesterday. It has been quite stormy and we don’t have a connection most of the time which is also nice sometimes. There was also an earthquake today close to Bali with a magnitude of 6.2. 

Today’s blog post is all about diving. I have done five dives up until now and I have already seen so much. 

Richard is still completing his advanced open water and nitrox course and today he did his first night dive, where he saw an octopus.

I have seen a black tip shark, nudibranchs, an octopus, many lion fish (one particularly big one), very cute and small sea horses, a ray, clownfish, starfish, trumpet fish, cuddle fish and so much more! The coolest dive was today at Bangka Island not too far from the resort (only 30 minutes by boat). The visibility was great and the coral was so vibrant and colorful. Two clownfish even came very close to me and swam with me for a little bit. 

The resort we are staying at, Gangga Island Resort & Spa, has its main focus on diving which is so great for us. Their 5-Star Padi dive center offers great dive sites for us divers! They also offer all courses and many specialties, so it is even a great place to begin diving. 

I like the diving here so much but nothing can top the diving in the Maldives. I am excited to see what the next couple of dives bring and hope the next dives will be just as joyful as they have been. 

Fun Fact: Nudibranchia is the scientific name for Nudibranchs and means naked gills. It describes the feathery gills and horns that most wear on their backs. 

R & A


Fun Fact Source: http://www.nationalgeographic.com

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