The Key to Paradise 

Dear readers,

Today we woke up by the relaxing drum sound of the rain against our windows. At the moment it’s rainy season here in Indonesia which means it rains at least once a day.

After a delicious breakfast we started our program with a diving refresher for Avni and the PADI Open Water Diving Course for me. I, Richard, already did the theory online and Avni has already got a lot of PADI certifications for scuba diving so we headed right down to the pool. We did the first lesson together (for her just a refresher course) and then I spent the whole morning training diving skills. I can tell you guys, diving is a lot of fun but also if you’re a beginner it’s very exhausting. After our lunch we had time to discover a little bit of this beautiful Island. We strolled down the beach, collected shells and just enjoyed the warmth and sunshine on our pale Austrian-white skin. 😉 

Later in the afternoon, Avni did her first dive this year and had a wonderful time watching all the colorful underwater life. While she was having fun, I was working on and completing my PADI Open Water Course.

Tomorrow afternoon we are finally going to do our first real dive together! I can’t wait to spend quality time with her under water 🙂

R & A

Fun Fact: Once you get below 10 metres depth, you can’t see red or yellow! If you cut yourself your blood looks blue.


Fun fact source:

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