Today Was All About Travelling

Dear Readers, 

All we did since yesterday evening was go from one place to the next and now we finally arrived at our beautiful tropical destination. 

We are staying on Gangga island at the resort. Our mode of transportation to the resort was a boat and it was quite a ride since there were many waves and it was raining. Upon arrival we were greeted by the kind staff and a delicious coconut drink. 

Our bungalow is beautiful and we are so happy to be here. Tomorrow we are already starting off with our first dives here so we have to get to bed early. We can’t wait to see the resort during the day! 

More updates to come. 

Fun Fact: There are two villages on Gangga Island in addition to the resort. Their names are Gangga 1 and Gangga 2. The only difference between the villages is the religion, one village is Muslim and the other Christian. 

R & A


Fun Fact Source: Hotel manager 

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