The Journey Begins

Dear Readers,

First of all merry Xmas!

We are sitting in the bus on the way to our lovely capital city Vienna. Today as our journey begins we are going from cold and frosty Austria to warm and sunny Dubai.

This time around our transportation to Vienna is the Flixbus (link below). We highly recommend using this company for transport within Austria as well as most of Europe. The buses are comfortable, offer drinks onboard and free wifi is included. For these services the prices are reasonable.  

After our first stop in Dubai we will be travelling to Indonesia and our last two stops will be in India. Highlights of our trip will be a hot air balloon ride, scuba diving with colorful fish and spending time in a traditional Indian home.

The two of us would be happy if you join us during our adventures in the next 16 Days. Daily updates are guaranteed 🙂

Fun Fact: In Greek, X means Christ; that is where the word “Xmas” comes from!

R & A


Flixbus Link:

Fun Fact Source:

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